Medical weed

Medical weed is messing up the uk weed market. £50 for. 3.5 of medical stuff and that’s the cheaper side. Wich means non medical weed has gone down in size. We are looking on 1.4s standard for £20.  Don’t get me wrong. Love the medical stuff. But it’s a god damn plant! 


One of the most popular toys way back when used to be the stick and hoop, and how simple is that? One could say that the hoop, only just span. Another classic that everyone knows and loved was the spinning top. Again another simple toy that everyone grew up with and loved. The yo-yo was … More Spinners

Three weeks

Just came back from a break from london. Only planned to go away for just over a week but ended staying in Devon for 3 weeks.  First week was real good. Did the tourist bit and went around looking at all the cool places devon has to offer. Second week I was Pokémon hunting -Teignmouth … More Three weeks

Mr. Kay

Received a random phone call from a friend I haven’t heard from in which seemed like such a long time. After a couple days conversation the next thing I know I’ve booked a one way ticket to devon. Once it had settled in my head what was actually going on I decided to call what … More Mr. Kay


Addiction is a crazy crazy thing. Haven’t stole for my habit, stole a pencil once. Felt incredibly bad. I gave it back. Luckily I was very much younger then and didn’t have an addiction. Wouldn’t sell my body for my addiction. Although sometimes I wonder hahaha.  Wouldn’t sell my mum for my addiction either. Love … More Addiction 

lost for a title

nine days into 2017 and things need to change harrrrrrrrddddd. still stuck in some mad confusion. money is pants. can’t keep it on track. just not enough to survive on. keep going into my over draft to buy food. contactless for the win! going doctors Wednesday. hopefully I can get a “fit note” (lol they … More lost for a title